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/!\This is a demo/!\

Target Platform : Desktop Computer.

Engine : Unreal engine 4.

Genre : Adult / Fantasy, survival, sandbox.
Background : The region was a peaceful place to live. But recently the tension is building up between the kingdoms. Will you be able to survive in this hostile world. Build your army, and conquer the foreign kingdoms.

Maps : One village for each Race, and some specific locations.
Playable Races : Orc, Human, Dwarf, Goblin, Elven, Dark Elven.
Genders : Male, Female, Futanari, Hermaphrodite.
Body types : slim / fit / thick / chubby / fat
Gameplay : fighting, mating, cooking, crafting, working, quest.
Fighting (#゚Д゚)-o : Bare hands / Sword / Dagger / Bow / Magic Spells.
You can attack anybody the way you want. Guards will react accordingly if someone is attacked.

Enslavement : After you defeated an opponent, you can capture him for enslavement.

After a certain amount of efforts, the captured slaves will become loyal to you, and fight for your cause.
Make sure to keep this relationship above a certain treshold, if not they will leave or attack you.

Siege : When you gathered a decent sized army, you can try to capture a village, or castle. You will face the opponent army as you raid their place.

Also, other kingdoms may wage war against you anytime, stay alert, be prepared for the worst.

Dynamic Relationships
A relationship evolves in 2 directions : good or bad, depending on the actions you do towards the person.
There are temporary effects such as Moods, and reactions to certain situations.

Sexual interactions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :
1) Female : Monsters may rape you if you loose a fight, Male : you can engage in sexual interactions with defeated opponents.
2) You can have sexual interactions with one of your slaves, or lovers.

Depending on the location where you and the person are situated, a certain set of options would be available.
- various poses for each situation : standing, bed, chair, ground
- actions (kiss, lick, rub, penetrate, thrust).

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Published130 days ago
StatusIn development
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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I'd suggest leaving out the rape aspect. Personally, I think a lot of people would feel uncomfortable playing a game where that's possible. If you're adamant about keeping that aspect, why is it that only female characters can get raped? If the monster can humiliate its victims in that way, why would it only restrict that humiliation to females? And why can't women have sex with monsters they've killed if male characters can? It just seems like you're not punishing and rewarding the different genders in the same way, and I'm interested to know why.

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Hi, yes rape is too sensitive subject to put in a game. No matter from what angle you look at it, can only result in dispute.

I removed it in the latest version.

To me it made sense to have rapists monsters all around the game, not to market rape as a good thing, if you come to the wrong place, they will rape you, it reflects the real world. But in the real world, the rapists also come and kidnap people for years in their hideout. So, if i cannot depict this kind of situations in a game, it is better to remove any reference to it.

I think it is good to sensibilize people on the fact that you are not secure anywhere, and the monsters will rape the sh**t out of you if you come close.

Now i dont want to step into a fight with feminism. Of course you can make things equal and put female/male rapists. That i had planned to do for every monster gender. But it is safer for me to remove all of it. Instead the player will have to seduce the partner in a civilized way in order to have a healthy relationship with it. lol. Even the capture system would look unacceptable to people "oh its horrible, you capture people like animals in this game". Meanwhile i heard in the news about 400 girls kidnapped in Africa since years.

If this is illegal to depict such situations in a game, its ok, i can still tallk about it in the dialogues without making it explicit and visual.

Then there is another aspect of the female character that should be taken into account : she is a whore, If you take a close look, at the texts, there is a warning to the player that says that the filthy goblins will rape women. The reason why she goes to see by herself is because she wants the D. I didnt have time to add emotes / show her thoughts, but basically, when the guards talks about Filthy Goblins rapists, she only wants to try, in fact she may rape them herself. That was the original personnality for this character. You can see her aggressive facial expressions in the last Demo.

Also during the "rape" sequence with the goblins, i chose the sounds carefully, you can hear that she enjoys it, There is not really pain and tears in this situation, but it sounds like they are both enjoying the moment, you may call it vanilla rape.

The game demo may not reflect the personnality of the character as it lacks story elements, i am working on that at the moment. Introducing new characters, quest system, and story dialogues.

I want the game to be naughty, funny, without making it a tool for psychopaths and expose some social problems that happens in real life such as rape, greed, adultery, slavery, etc.

In fact the quests and story will not bring the player to an evil path, but instead show him how to get out of the character's evil nature and solve problems in a civilized manner.

So, this Dark Elven Female character will meet some NPC that will lead her to a more humanized behavior. They will tell her that the way she lives is not good for anybody, that she cant just fuck around the town and get out with it, and that the way she is building her empire is not good. Gathering an army by exploiting their lowest desires/needs would only result in pain. So the character has to go to the wrong path and realize that it is wrong, and see how to do things properly after she fails hard.

Thats enough for the spoilers.

In the end, a good compromise would be to add a dialogue line after each fight : - I have won the battle, i am stronger than you, now lets make peace and have some fun right now, do you accept ?

So i will probably turn the battle/sex sequence like this instead. This way i can get rid of the unacceptable rape idea And still give to the player the sex scene with the monster.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I hope this answered your questions.

Btw If you download the october demo, you can have some naughty action in the bed. Right now it looks like a video player, but in a close future, the scene will be semi-automated, with some pleasure bar.

Hey man, I really like the game's... concept ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Just a suggestion for future updates, upload into MEGA, its faster and better.

Well, I'll download this soon :D